Questions About Paternity?

A paternity test is an important and necessary tool for any person looking to establish or disestablish paternity. The determination of paternity could allow you to enforce support or parenting time. It could also disestablish paternity, freeing you from any responsibilities or obligations to a child who is not yours. We are experienced in protecting the financial and legal interests of our clients involved in paternity disputes in southwest Michigan.

Our attorneys help you pursue your lawful paternity tests to protect your legal and financial interests with regard to a child.

Please reach out to our law firm for assistance with any of the following:

If you’re a mother, you want to make sure that you are financially secure after the birth of your child. We can help you establish paternity to ensure your legal rights are protected and enforced.

If you are pregnant or have recently had a child and are interested in establishing paternity for purposes of child support collection, we can assist you. It is critical that you establish paternity early on to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are entitled to future financial security.

Our attorneys are also experienced in assisting fathers to establish paternity so that they are entitled to visitation rights. If you are a father interested in visitation rights or parenting time with your child, you must establish paternity. Conversely, if you do not believe you are the father of a child, you need to disestablish paternity as soon as possible to avoid paying support. It is very difficult to disestablish paternity after you have already been obligated to pay child support.