We will protect your financial and legal interests to ensure that you and your children are protected now and into the future.

How Does Child Or Spousal Support Work?

The determination of child support and spousal support during a divorce can be a very difficult and contentious issue. If you are going through a divorce proceeding, you want to make sure that your financial needs are secured into your future. Our attorneys have child and spousal support experience and we will work to ensure that your financial interests are protected and that your children are properly cared for in the future.

Child Support Guidelines And Spousal Support Determinations

The state sets guidelines to determine child support and alimony. The needs of both parties , the incomes of both parties, the needs of the children, the ability to work and other circumstances that shed light on the needs of the parties are all taken into account when calculating support.

We will make strong and compelling arguments on your behalf reflecting your needs and circumstances to ensure that your rights are protected. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients can move forward after a divorce, confident that their finances and future are secure.

Whether you are seeking to collect support or prevent an unreasonable support duty, we can aggressively prepare your case and represent you.

We are powerful at negotiation and will seek to find the best solution for you and your family. he Protecting the family both emotionally and financially requires the family legal services that we can provide, tailored just for you. In meeting every client, we take the time to understand their unique situation and circumstances related to their divorce or family legal matter. Through our extensive investigation into and preparation of your case, we will help to come up with solutions that will best suit the needs of your family. In the event that we cannot reasonably come to a support agreement, we are prepared to take every case to trial to protect your best interests.

Child Support Enforcement And Modifications

Few people would suggest being a parent is easy, and the financial obligations can be burdensome. If two parents are not raising their children together, one can be expected to pay support to the other parent.

When child support is determined, it is based on circumstances at the time of the divorce. As time passes, child support payments may need to be modified. A significant increase or decrease in either parent’s income can warrant a modification in child support. In addition, a child’s changing needs can also necessitate a change in child support payments. For example, if a child goes to college, child support obligations may be extended, so both parents share the responsibility of the college expenses.

Although child support decrees are binding legal agreements, we know some people do not follow the rules. To best support our clients, we also handle the following support matters:

  • Child support guidelines
  • Child support enforcement
  • Child support recovery

If you need help creating, modifying or enforcing child support orders, we can help protect your rights throughout the process.