Domestic Violence is a Misdemeanor Punishable by up to 93 Days in Jail and Court Fines

If you have been arrested and are being charged with domestic violence, our criminal defense attorneys can explain the charges and consequences of a conviction. Domestic violence is a charge that can have an impact on your future and employment.

Under Michigan law, domestic violence is abusive behavior used by one person to dominate or control another. Many domestic violence charges stem from a domestic relationship.  According to Michigan Law a domestic relationship are those between spouses and former spouses, people in dating relationships, couples with children in common, and residents and former residents of the same household.  The most common examples of abusive behavior are pushing, shoving, slapping, forced sex, stalking, denying access to bank accounts and credit cards, misuse of cell phone, and preventing an emergency phone call.

Domestic violence charges are aggressively prosecuted.  Contact us to find out more about your rights.