The Probate Process is Complex

Once a person passes, his or her estate goes through what is called probate. This is the estate administration process in which assets and liabilities are distributed and paid off.  In some cases probate can take time and become costly. Which is why it is important to have a probate attorney from the get-go to handle probate for a loved one’s estate.

With over 27 years of experience, our attorneys can help you with your loved one’s estate administration and probate needs in southwest Michigan. Each and every client gets catered legal counsel and dedicated representation. We represent clients in probate court as well as handle all types of estate planning matters.

Probate And Estate Administration

Being an executor of an estate can be very stressful. Are you doing what the decedent would have wanted? Is the estate being handled correctly? How will you notify beneficiaries and creditors? Not to mention how probate can be complicated in and of itself. These are all issues a probate and estate attorney can take care of. Our attorneys can help take inventory of the estate, reach out to beneficiaries or heirs, administer a trust, handle debts and creditors, tax issues and much more.

There can also be the occasional probate dispute that would arise. Families may dispute beneficiaries, breach of fiduciary duties and even accusations of duress or undue influence of the decedent by family members. We can help resolve all your probate issues, even if it comes down to probate litigation.